I am a painter but my work is rooted in drawing, perhaps because I began as an architect and before that as an engineer and even earlier as a child.

 I use images and recollections from my life as source material for my paintings; I also work from my consciousness of the present. I guess this reflects a conflict raging through my head/heart at times. In the end I am concerned with the task of constructing an image, acknowledging its artifice, its insubstantiality or at least that the image is a reflection of something else. At the same time I maintain a childlike belief in the mystery that little bits of stains, pigment, line, wax… accumulate until they become something more.

In the past made I have made site specific drawings and sculpture for interior and outdoor public venues. In addition I have curated several exhibitions at the (untitled) Space gallery in New Haven including a Sol LeWitt wall drawing installation, executed by local high school students. My work has been exhibited and published regionally and is represented by the Kenise Barnes Fine Art gallery.

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